Wine Expo’s Tasting Room Expected in Early Summer

Wine Expo's tasting room is now under construction
Wine Expo’s tasting room is now under construction Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Wine Expo, Santa Monica’s passionate curator of fine, eclectic vino and high-grade tequila, is finally working on its long-anticipated tasting room, letting us know via website that “after 14 months of wading in bureaucratic quicksand we at last have the go-ahead to start construction.” The space is intended to be part-gourmet shop, part-tasting room, with the presence of “serious salumi” and cheese to go with Expo’s huge stock of Italian wine. The shop tells us that it could be open by June if all goes right and is currently searching for staff to help during evening service. We can’t wait to see the results here, and whether this will keep the neighborhood from being consumed by BevMo!

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