Where to Eat Lunch with ‘Big Game’ James Worthy

Photo: JM Rosenfeld via Flickr

With all due respect to today’s crew of Lakers champions, nothing makes our purple and gold hearts shine as brightly as memories of the team from the mid-to-late Eighties. So it’s hard to contain our excitement upon learning that James Worthy will sit with fans for a three-course lunch at Morton’s the Steakhouse Beverly Hills on May 17th, fielding fans’ questions alongside 710 ESPN hosts Andrew Siciliano and Mychal Thompson. Lunch itself includes salad, a choice of filet mignon, salmon, or chicken, and dessert for $50, while the NBA legend provides insight into his glory days. Go ahead and bug Worthy about his goggles or the night Bird got by him, but please, just in case anyone loses their appetite, let’s leave Houston back in the early Nineties, where most of our Lakers-shame is kept.

Reservations for the May 17th lunch are a must at 310-246-1501.