Where to Eat Irish Breakfast; In Praise of T.W. Food

Traditional Irish breakfast
Traditional Irish breakfast Photo: J Wynia/Flickr

• Only in Boston would a thread about the best Irish breakfast get more than 40 responses (for the record, they include The Asgard and The Druid). [Yelp]

T.W. Food’s tasting menu is one of the best in town. [Chowhound]

Hamersley’s Bistro’s roast chicken and the prune-stuffed gnocchi at No. 9 Park are among the city’s best signature dishes. [Yelp]

• Exchange Street Bistro’s food is much improved now that former Zon’s chef Clifton Clark is in the kitchen. [Chowhound]

• Brunch at Henrietta’s Table has a major cult following. [Yelp]