West Village Basically a Theme Park; Louisiana Restaurants Sue BP

• The West Village is chockablock with restaurants themed after eras in New York’s past, like the Minetta Tavern (thirties) and the Lion (sixties). [NYT]

• Ten Louisiana restaurants have filed suit against BP from damages resulting from the recent oil spill. [NRN]

• Urbanspoon’s restaurant-reservation tool launches today. [WSJ]

• Nicolas Cage chooses which animals to eat based upon how dignified they are when they have sex. [Guardian UK]

• Ground-beef prices are skyrocketing, leading fast-food chains to try to steer customers towards other menu items, like chicken and salads. [WSJ]

• Though KFC originally planned to retire the Double Down on Sunday, the chain will continue to offer it for as long as customer demand persists. [USA Today]

• Governor Paterson’s latest soda-tax proposal would include a tax exemption for bottled water and diet soda. [NYT]

• A San Francisco entrepreneur is trying to introduce Americans to natto (fermented soy beans), but many consumers are wary of the smell and appearance. [WSJ]

• Hershey’s is suing Williams-Sonoma over a brownie pan that Hershey’s claims mimics its chocolate-bar design. [HuffPo]