VillageVines Opens Restaurant World to Clueless Business Dudes


VillageVines, a new service that helps diners score reservations and discounts at restaurants across Manhattan, launches today. Though it sounds like a wine shop, VillageVines actually connects customers with available tables at restaurants like Kittichai, Butter, and Ouest. Join the service and make short-lead reservations for $10 a table.

VillageVines makes deals with restaurants not only for open tables, but also for a discount (“typically 30 percent,” they say) taken off the entire bill. The discount is automatically applied — there’s no secret code to remember or cheap-looking coupons. The company, founded by two young finance guys, is looking to attract customers who want to impress clients or women, but at minimal cost and effort. That sounds like Wall Street and midtown to us!

VillageVines [Official site]