A Guide to New York Boozing; the Underground Gourmet Visits the Smile

Clover Club's scotch-based cocktail the Athol Brose No. 3
Clover Club’s scotch-based cocktail the Athol Brose No. 3 Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

In the magazine this week, we have an up-to-the-minute guide to where to drink in New York. Find out where the pros drink in the Booze Chain (an alcoholic take on Grub Street’s own Food Chain), which starts at Fatty ‘Cue and works its way to Fort Defiance. If you prefer to shimmy around while drinking, we’ve got an exhaustive guide to the best places to dance. A poll of 100 unattached New Yorkers helps you find exactly where all the single people are. For those momentous occasions like an engagement or a post-divorce celebration, be sure you’re at the perfect bar for the milestone. And for the morning after, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld will tell you exactly where to eat your hangover away.

Rob and Robin also drop in on East Village store-restaurant hybrid the Smile, where the rustic vibe “must have been painstakingly cultivated but, to its credit, doesn’t come off that way.” The chef, art-world scion Melia Marden, “cooks like an especially talented dinner-party hostess, re-creating taste memories of places she’s been and dishes she’s loved, and that’s meant as a compliment.”

In openings, Carroll Gardens newcomer Seersucker puts a haute, seasonal spin on down-home Southern dishes like fried bologna, pimento cheese, and biscuits with housemade jelly. Mussels are in season; Momofuku-ize them with Má Pêche’s crab-paste beer boil.