The Problem with Upscale Mexican Food; How to Beat Coppa’s Crowds

Coppa's heritage pork fennel sausage with broccoli rabe
Coppa’s heritage pork fennel sausage with broccoli rabePhoto: Coppa

• Upscale Mexican is “the biggest hoax in the restaurant industry. Somewhere, there is a very wealthy man bellowing out evil laughter as he watches us dish out $24 for an enchilada that costs $5 at taco village and $3 to make.” [Yelp]

• Want to try Coppa without the hour wait? Go at lunchtime. [Chowhound]

• Ninety Nine, Red Fez, and (surprisingly) The Publick House top this board-compiled list of Boston’s worst restaurants. [Yelp]

• Even if you’ve never tried kimchi before, there’s no need to fear the pickle. [Chowhound]

• Allston’s Garlic n’ Lemons is a “gem” with killer eggplant. [Chowhound]