Sportello Stuns; Russell House Tavern Will Become an Institution

Photo: Mike Ritter

• You know you’re in for a good meal at Sportello as soon as the bread hits the table: “At Sportello, the scali is dense, thick, rustic and — flavorful. I know, I know! But there’s more: instead of the usual dish of olive oil, this bread came with whipped ricotta and rhubarb compote: a beautiful combination of creamy/slightly sweet with tart juiciness. [LimeyG Bends Yer Lughole]

Russell House Tavern “is not a restaurant that will change dining, but it’s one I could see becoming an institution. Then again, in Harvard Square, that doesn’t take so long.” [Lingbo Li]

• Over a year after opening, Tupelo “provided another stellar food experience and the service was once again attentive and pleasant.” [Fun and Fearless in Beantown]

• A recent lunch at Coppa was “meant to begin an afternoon of leisure, became the main course of an afternoon of pure pleasure.” [BostonZest]

Mare’s tasting menu is excellent, but probably not an amazing value. [Tiny Urban Kitchen]