Shaw’s Workers March on State House; Fruit Seller Fights Eviction

• Striking Shaw’s workers began their 60 mile march to the State House yesterday. [Globe]

• Beloved fruit seller Costas Katemis is fighting his eviction from the Greenway spot he’s held for twelve years. [Globe]

• A man was sucked into a sausage-making machine at Danvers’ DiLuigi Sausage Co. [Globe]

• Reading is divided over a proposed meal tax. [Globe]

• Mansfield’s ADM Cocoa Factory will move to Pennsylvania by fall. [Globe]

• Some Gulf shrimpers are still fishing in waters that have been closed by the state. [WSJ]

• Soda makers are stepping up their efforts to fight soda taxes. [WSJ]

• Con-Agra is attempting to re-engineer the sweet potato, even changing its shape, in an effort to make the spud more popular. [WSJ]

• A spate of authentic Mexican taquerias have opened in Berlin within the last year. [NYT]

• Though following a gluten-free diet is trendy, some experts say it can be unhealthy for those who don’t actually have celiac. [NYDN]

• A Miami judge ruled last week that Burger King has the right to set prices at its franchise-owned stores. [Reuters]

• Dan Aykroyd’s wine company donated hundreds of bottles to Canadian troops in Afghanistan. [CTV]

• Illegal fishing is depleting the ocean’s resources. [Time]

• The launch of several new premium vodkas raises the possibility that an artisanal vodka trend is afoot. [The Moment/NYT]

Shaw’s Workers March on State House; Fruit Seller Fights Eviction