Schaffer Doesn’t Love Menton; First Appreciates EVOO’s Character

Menton's crab salad
Menton’s crab salad Photo: Lucy Sherman

• Mat Schaffer files the first big review of Menton, giving it a B: “I wanted/hoped/expected to be wowed. I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong; dinner is undeniably delicious. But, at the end of the day, it’s not $365-for-two-people-including-two-cocktails-an-$8-surcharge-for-the-lobster-salad-a-$50-bottle-of-wine-two-cups-of-coffee-and-a-20-percent-tip delicious.” [Herald]

• Devra First gives the relocated EVOO two stars. While the food can be too busy, “on the plate, at least, there’s plenty of character. More than a decade later, that’s still what defines EVOO, an abiding champion of local food.” [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau gives Coppa three stars. He seems very unhappy about the fact that the restaurant only offers one dessert, but the pasta is “fantastic” and the pizza is “perhaps the best thin-crust pizza I’ve had in Boston, with a real hint of the wood smoke.” [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats visits Arlington’s La Posada where the food is authentic and cheap. [Globe]

• MC Slim JB visits Brookline’s Sichuan Gourmet. It’s “is an eye- and sinus-opening experience, one from which you may find it hard to go back to tamer interpretations.” [Phoenix]