Pastrami Porn: New School vs. Old School


Between’s visit to Mile End today and a World’s Fare visit to Ben’s Best Kosher Deli in Rego Park, you have almost ten minutes of sweet pastrami-slicing action ahead of you. Mile End proprietor Noah Bernamoff clarifies his earlier “rage” at Katz’s, and says his source of concern is “the sorts of things they will have on their menu or refuse to take off their menu because they’re not good anymore … like the chicken soup. I just feel like why would someone sell something that they know isn’t good?”

Meanwhile, third-generation Ben’s proprietor Jay Parker tells World’s Fare that “anybody who’s still standing is very, very good at what they do,” and he isn’t changing his recipes anytime soon: “I mean, would you take a piece from Chopin and change it? … Could it be better? I don’t know. We’ve never tried. But the recipe calls for what it calls for — and that’s what we put in it.”

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