New Chef at Monkey Bar; Gowanus Rats Blamed on Red Hook Vendors

• Los Angeles chef Josh Moulton is the new executive chef at Monkey Bar. [NYT]

• Gary Vaynerchuk designed Virgin America’s new wine list. [PR Newswire]

• Gowanus residents blame Red Hook vendors’ trucks in a nearby parking lot for rats. [NYP]

• Bud Light will replace Coors Light as the official beer of the NFL in 2011. [WSJ]

• In the four months since Domino’s introduced its new pizza recipe, the chain’s sales have skyrocketed 14.5 percent. [USA Today]

• Raw whiskey, otherwise known as white dog or moonshine, is the latest cult liquor. [NYT]

• Bobby Flay wants to go to Georgetown and study “anything.” [People]

Jersey Shore’s Pauly D is shilling for Baskin-Robbins. [Eater National]

• KFC wants to quadruple its number of stores in France by 2015. [WSJ]

• After being named as the world’s top restaurant, Noma got 10,000 e-mail reservation requests in one day. [Bloomberg]

• After months of negotiations between owners and the workers’ union, Gino will close. [NYP]