My Friend’s Place Is (Was?) the New Mike’s Apartment

Photo: Curbed

Today the Post looks at the Tribeca Grand’s “it” brunch, but where can you party until breakfast time? Now that Mike’s Apartment has stopped hosting blowouts, we hear the new NoHo after-hours is My Friend’s Place, an “underground” (as in, under-the-radar and subterranean) venue at 8 Bond Street (the building houses a gallery and events space and a residential unit). An invite to a Thunder Gumbo party described the space as “a 4,500 sq ft. former Andy Warhol workspace newly converted into an epic underground party den smothered in sin and vice” (though Nicky Digital’s shots show more mustaches and trucker hats than sin and vice). But before you tell your friends to meet you there at 6 a.m. (when the cover to the once-a-month loft party goes up to $25), we hear the venue got busted last Saturday around midnight, and a party featuring Das Racist of “Combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell” fame was moved to Lit, where it had to end at a schoolgirlish 4 a.m. Cue Iggy Pop’s “No Fun.”