MiSoFishy Replaces Longtime Lincoln Lover Yuni Sushi

Photo: Tatiana Abrogast

Following the demise of equally unnecessary Fukui down the street, Santa Monica’s discount sushi den Yuni closed recently on Lincoln. Now open in it’s place is MiSoFishy, the creation of Steve Choi, a former fashion industry worker who decided to seize his second dream of starting a neighborhood hang-out and Japanese restaurant. MiSo specializes in rolls, sashimi, and sushi, with many of the 37 rolls touched by Choi’s whims, such as the store’s signature albacore roll wrapped in tilapia. MiSo’s menu covers a wide swath of the map, also throwing in fish tacos, steak sandwiches, seafood pasta, udon, beef bowls, and “monkey brain” stuffed mushrooms. We don’t know if the massive list will last, but either way, Yuni will likely not be missed and the above new mural–finished yesterday by artist Craig Aldana–gives this less-than-spectacular stretch of Santa Monica a shiny new coat, making it a positive part of the unofficial Lincoln beautification program we’re pushing. MiSo Fishy’s full menus are online.

1928 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica. 310-396-4037