Mile End Expands Hours, Adds Wine and Beer

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

How many times have you passed under Mile End’s open takeout window only to be told it’s out of succulent smoked meat? Come on, throw us a bone! Or rather, some gristle. (Not that we’re complaining about the earlier-in-the-day options — ah, the glorious breakfast “Mish-Mash” of scrambled eggs, smoky salami, onions, and greens). Anyway, that should happen a little less often now, since Fork in the Road informs lox lovers that the Montreal-minded deli will expand its hours till 10 p.m. Problem is, given how small the space is (plus, they’re also adding beer and wine), you may now have to get there even earlier to secure a spot at the bar. There’s always that takeout window.

Mile End Will Begin Dinner Service on Wednesday [Fork in the Road/VV]