Michael White Will Beef Up His Spice Rack at Setai 5th Avenue

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Grant Achatz wasn’t the only one shedding light on his latest project yesterday. At the Beards, Michael White revealed to Metromix that his restaurant in the Setai 5th Avenue will be “something Mediterranean. We’re going to do something that’s definitely Italian in genre. From Spain all the way to Italy, from Luguria. But also to be able to do something with a bit of spices and things like that — that aren’t usually part of the Italian playbook.” He also mentions “Moroccan influences.” Meanwhile, Sam Mason, when asked if his Park Slope project will be a bar or restaurant, says it will be a “hybrid. I’m changing my decision to hybrid. American food.” Oh, and Alton Brown’s favorite New York restaurant is Pop Burger.

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