Meet L.A.’s Vendy Finalists

Watt's Big Mista's BBQ
Watt’s Big Mista’s BBQ Photo: You Tube

Six finalists were announced this morning for the first L.A. Vendy Awards, a cook-off that will grant one local vendor the right to refer to themselves as L.A.’s “top street chef” for at least a year. The May 15th event pits a range of cooks and cuisines against one another, avoiding the mainstream misfires we see Rachael Ray putting on T.V. today as she attempts to find “L.A.’s best taco.” At the Vendy’s, Grilled Cheese Truck and India Jones will rep L.A.’s new school food trucks and Bigmista’s Barbecue will speak for Watt’s Torrance, Atwater, and Segundo Farmers Market, while huaraches, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and Tacos El Galuzo will showcase varied Mexican food via the streets of Downtown, Boyle Heights, and East L.A. The chefs from Animal will join Good Food’s Evan Kleiman and respected bloggers Bill Esparza and Javier Cabral in judging the whole shebang. Want to attend? A $50 ticket allows access to an all-you-can-eat feast and an open beer and wine bar in MacArthur Park from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M. To meet all six vendors, take a look at The Vendy’s video below.

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