Ludo and Krissy Just Might Be ‘The Ricky and Lucy of French Cooking’

Photo: Chuck Yeager via Flickr

Yesterday it was suggested that Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre are L.A.’s new Wolfgang Puck and Barbara Lazaroff, which makes sense given the one-two punch marrying kitchen talent to charisma that the LudoBites empire shares with Spago’s. However, we prefer Jonathan Gold’s suggestion today that the duo “are the Ricky and Lucy of French cooking” in his umpteenth rave about LudoBites. A foreign-born, thick-accented brunette who entertains a large fan-base at night while his wise-cracking, light-haired cutie secretly runs the house? Sounds like these couples do have a lot in common, even if we hope their marital spats get solved more peacefully. As for the current couple’s humor value, Lucy is hard to beat, but we can attest that Krissy still cracks better “coq” jokes.

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