Locavores Gone Loco: Chef Arrested After Brawl Over Pig Sourcing


The Daily News thinks the New York City food scene is heated? In Portland, Oyster House chef Eric Bechard got into a fistfight with Cochon 555 founder Brady Lowe — apparently because he was unhappy that a pig from outside of Oregon (from Iowa, to be exact) won the Cochon 555 competition there. Willamette Weekly’s blog reports that the “brawl” happened outside of a strip club (this being Portland), and ended in the tasering (!) and arrest of both parties. Lowe ended up in the hospital with a leg fracture, and it’s said that earlier in the evening Bechard head-butted another chef. You do not mess with locavores.

Food Fight: Chef and Foodie Come to Blows Over Pig Breeds After Cochon 555 [Willamette Weekly via Food Section]