Is the Health Department Out to Ruin Your Winegasms?

The Big A.
The Big A.

At a recent hearing, restaurant owners had another chance to vent about letter grading. We’re not sure why, because the resolution is definitely going into effect in July, but it gave Martin Shapiro of Drew Nieporent’s restaurants the chance to say once again, “This system is going to put people out of business.” Anyway, after reading the Times piece, we glanced through the Health Department’s restaurant-inspection database to find out who might get failing grades (as we have before) and discovered that Winegasm in Astoria got 64 violation points during their recent inspection (what, the health inspector couldn’t bump it up to 69?). In case you didn’t know: Yes, there is an eatery called Winegasm, and it seems the DOH has issues with its use of “bare hand contact.”

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