Funnel Cake, Corn Dogs, and Barbecue at the King’s County Fair

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Though the Brooklyn Smoke House doesnt open till next week, theres plenty of barbecue to be had this weekend at Floyd Bennett Field. Thats because the Florida-based Kings County Fair is up and running until May 23 (and probably longer we hear it just got extended a week), and this weekend Kinfolk Mobile Restaurant of Tallahassee is pulling panhandle-style brisket, chicken, pulled pork, and ribs out of an on-site smoker.

This being a county fair, there are plenty of fried foods to be had as well amid the carnivals attractions (a goat zoo, monkey cages, miniroller-coasters, a ferris wheel, Buffo, The Worlds Strongest Clown, and a beer-hall themed fun house that sadly does not serve beer, since the fair is dry), youll find foot-long corn dogs, funnel cakes, candied apples, chicken on a stick, and even pickles (along with socks and fish bait) in the mobile mini-mart. To send you into the weekend (and spare you the $7 entry fee), heres a slideshow of the neon-adorned food stands.