Jody Williams Said to Have Left Gottino Amid Lawsuit

Photo: Brian Kennedy

The chef shuffle of the day involves Jody Williams and Gottino. After Vittles Vamp reported that Williams left the restaurant with “the majority of the original staff in tow,” Eater examines court documents pertaining to a lawsuit filed against her by Michael Bull, her partner. Bull alleges that Williams gave herself a weekly salary of $5,000 per week while bumping his take down to $600 per week. The lawsuit also claims Williams was fired from Morandi because she violated a contract preventing her from becoming a partner elsewhere. (Till now, McNally has only said, “I think Jody Williams is a terrifically talented chef, but unfortunately I did not enjoy working with her.”) According to Eater, Williams “claims she was under no contract with McNally, and claims that Bull is a phantom manager, having never hired, fired or trained any staff and shirked his responsibilities to fix leaks, broken locks etc.”

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