Humm Dog Resurfaces in Daintier, Pricier Guise at EMP

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Eleven Madison Park’s Daniel Humm may have won the Beard Award for Best NYC chef this week, but for tube-steak aficionados, his crowning achievement took place last November. That’s when he concocted a hot dog for the East Village cocktail lounge PDT, joining luminaries like David Chang and Wylie Dufresne, whose names appear on the PDT menu followed by the word dog. The Humm dog, as it was called, dared to go where no bacon-wrapped deep-fried frankfurter had ever gone before: beneath a topping of celery relish and melted Gruyère and above a slathering of black-truffle-laced mayo. Needless to say, it gained a fervent following. But thanks to the prohibitive cost of fresh black truffles, PDT had to drop the Humm dog from the lineup.

The good news: Chef Humm has unleashed something on EMP’s bar menu called the Petite Hot Dog. They come two to an order, and basically the only difference between a Humm dog and a Petite dog, as you might have guessed, is size (you can finish off a Petite in one bite) and price ($6 and $14, respectively). That, and the fact that Humm serves Petite dogs on fancy, oversize china instead of paper plates.