Hey, Did You Know Servers Get Hired for Their Looks?

Photo: Getty Images

Fifteen years after Calvin Klein hired almost the entire floor of Coffee Shop to walk his runway, the Post points out that, uh, the place seems to hire servers based on their looks. The article also singles out Randy Gerber’s Whiskey bars as well as Pulino’s, which is “now attracting customers more for the human eye candy than the panna cotta.” Wait! That line was a little weak, maybe something more like:

Pulino’s is now attracting customers more for the hot bodies than the hot pies.


… more for the smokin’ servers than the smoked sablefish.


… more for cheesy threesomes than the Quattro Formaggi.

Okay, they’re all a stretch. Really the piece is just an excuse to run a slideshow of hot servers, including our own Ask a Waiter alum, Courtney Yates. What, no Xie Xie servers or Pizza Truck girls?

Check (me out) Please! [NYP]