Grindhaus Introduces Itself to the World via Meat Hook Corn Dogs


Weve already heard that the long-awaited Grindhaus would be debuting at Cesar Fuentess Red Hook Mercado (which has now added a gyro, kebab, and hummus vendor Babas Turkish Grill), but what exactly will it be debuting? First-time restaurateur Erin Norris tells us that shell be using a custom sausage from the Meat Hook (kind of like a weisswurst with green-chile powder in the blend) and a fryer shes borrowed from folks at Rockaway Taco to cook up corn dogs (yes, corn dogs) that will have a spicy kick rather than being sickly sweet. She also plans to serve lambpanadas lamb empanadas with a Middle Eastern flare (theyre served with mint yogurt). My goal is to take my pasty white ass and hover over a large vat of boiling oil in the heat of the summer, all summer long, she says. Sounds fun! But whats going on with the brick-and-mortar store at 275 Van Brundt?

Norris says that among other things, red tape has sprouted from a city requirement that she plant a tree outside of the derelict space shes been rehabbing. Thats just the beginning of the bureaucratic snafus that run from the Department of Buildings to the State Liquor Authority (youd think I was trying to open a 24-hour nightclub for pedophiles next to a kindergarten, she says). Needless to say, theres a good possibility Grindhaus wont be open in time to take full advantage of its back garden. When it does open, the 24-table space will serve beer and wine as well as a menu that will constitute an international exploration in meat in all its various forms. Some possibilities: Dutch-style croquettes and a take on chicken-fried steak.