Get Your Carrie On at Eastern Standard

Photo: Sweet

Want to live like Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte? Sip on a Blueberry Thrill or Prospect Park at Eastern Standard and nosh on a gold leaf-embellished cupcake from Sweet, suggests the Globe, in a story that presupposes your interest in aping the characters of what might be the year’s most widely panned movie. Also, a Prospect Park? Please. Like any of those characters except Miranda would let a drink named for a Brooklyn landmark pass their lips.

Photo: Sweet

The apex of ridiculousness in the Globe’s story (and to be fair, one that even reporter Courtney Hollands acknowledges as preposterous), however, comes from the recommendation of Yappier Hour, a happy hour for dogs at Clink, where humans can "order food and drinks from Clink on the outdoor patio while your four-legged friends play and snack on treats from Four Preppy Paws and Dogwood Cottage. There are even ‘puptails’ and ‘muttinis’ for Muffy and Spot, like the Chardognay: chicken stock, water, and fresh cilantro. No, really." So this is what it’s come to. Gold-frosted cupcakes and happy hours for dogs. We can think of no more fitting tribute to Sex and the City.

Live Like You’re In the Big "City" [Globe]