Galo ‘Make One’ Canote Goes From Graffiti to Gourmand

Photo: Galo Canote

Much has been written about the artwork of L.A.’s graffiti pioneer Galo “Make One” Canote. Lesser known is the man’s popularity as a source among foodies and friends for finding good cheap meals in our area. After getting “tired of people calling me to inquire about a good spot to eat,” Canote tells Grub Street he’s finally started his own L.A.-based food blog, Galo’s Food Spots, with a look at the Nayarit-style fried fish, garlic shrimp, and mariscos cocktails at Lynwood’s La Hacienda. In addition to ensuring us that he “will be writing more” food stories, the Los Angeles native says that he might also have a new gig reviewing food for something called L.A. Picks in the near future. Always nice to have a fresh perspective and new finds, let’s hope the dude “gets up” more posts and stays up with the rest of the pack.