Eat an Eighteen-Inch Pie in Eight Minutes and It’s Free

Photo: Courtesy of Rocco’s Pizzeria

Eat an eighteen-inch pie within eight minutes at Rocco’s Pizzeria in Bay Ridge, and not only will you get it for free, but you’ll be entered into the Brooklyn Pizza Eating Contest, happening June 6 at 3 p.m. So far, we’re told, only three out of nine people have finished the pie, crust and all (the others have had to pay for it). You can come in after 9 p.m. tonight and tomorrow, or anytime during the week, but know that even if you do manage to qualify for the eating contest and its $500 cash prize, you’ll likely be going up against seasoned gurgitators such as last year’s contenders “Gentleman Joe” Menchetti, Dale “Mouth of the South” Boone, and the three-time winner, Sal Carbone, whose record is 22 slices in 12 minutes.