Dinner Is Now Served at Starry Kitchen

Photo: Starry Kitchen via Facebook

Starry Kitchen is introducing dinner service tonight. BlogDowntown reports that this Grand Ave. eatery will gingerly put its toes into these new waters by only doing dinner Thursdays and Fridays at first, though plans for weekend service during summer are in the works. Dinner will expand the lunch menu by just one special item that’s only available during evening hours and co-owner Nguyen hopes to give those who are unable to hit the restaurant at lunch a chance to discover their creative takes on Asian eats that change every couple of weeks or so. He also teases that there might be a musical appearance by “a retired chef from France” who’s proficient with the harmonica. Sounds fun, but how long before Hubert Keller gets in to spin a set?

Starry Kitchen’s new dinner hours run Thursday and Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. at 350 S. Grand Ave. Downtown. 213-617-3474.

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