Cupcake Stop and Little Cupcake Lover Make Explosive (or Rather, Nonexplosive) Debuts

Photo: Helen Rosner

Last night, the Limelight Marketplace celebrated its opening with a party attended by Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon, and for the first time in Limelight’s history, it wasn’t the transsexuals flaunting their plastic surgery. In addition to the rich, there was also Richie Rich (and another relic, the slightly dazed looking Michael Musto). Cupcake Stop won some publicity (from Racked, Guest of a Guest, and our very own The Cut) by doling out free red-velvet cupcakes. But this morning, it may have been one-upped.

Sure, food trucks always get free publicity whenever they get booted from a parking space or when they scuffle with other vendors, but this takes the proverbial cake: Egyptian vendor Hassane Soliman Elbaz got the word out about the two-day-old Little Cupcake Lover cart in Times Square by reporting a suspicious package to the NYPD this morning. Besides listing the contents of the package (a gray shirt, white tube socks, a toothbrush, and pens) City Room helpfully reveals the contents of the silver cupcake cart: “red velvet, Oreo, Nutella mint and ocean-sprinkled (blue flecks on white frosting) cupcakes.” Mmmm, forget those scary terrorists — we’re headed to Times Square for cupcakes!

Times Square Reopened After ‘Suspicious Package’ Report [City Room/NYT]