Crunchy, Awkwardly Named Chains Invade West Side: Zpizza, ’sNice, and Slice, the Perfect Food

Photo: Daniel Maurer

As promised, California-based “lighter, healthier” pizza-chain zpizza has opened its store at 298 Bleecker, near Seventh Avenue South. You can build your own pizza by selecting a crust (regular organic, wheat, or gluten free), a sauce (barbecue, chipotle pesto, thai peanut, etc.), a cheese (vegan, part-skim rBGH free mozzarella, etc.), and a few dozen toppings, including truffle oil and three types of mushrooms. Or you can just order the new “Berkeley Vegan” pizza, topped with “veggie burger crumbles”! Meanwhile, nearby, a similarly health-conscious, build-your-own-pizza chain (Slice, the Perfect Food) has opened its second location at 535 Hudson Street (between Perry and Charles; 212-929-2920). And a few weeks ago, another do-gooder chain, ’sNice, opened a location at 150 Sullivan Street (between Prince Street and Houston Street; 212-253-5405).