Could ‘Colonel’ Ludo Be Coming Back This Summer?

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Last week Camp Ludo Lefebvre hinted at plans to premiere the chef’s own food truck. We’ve been hungering for more details ever since, wondering what he might base the eating experience around. It looks like The WIndy City might have had a sneak peak before L.A. though, as Chicago Tribune reports a look at Ludo’s custom-made Mobi Munch machine during the 2010 National Road Show and announces that “by this summer, the “Ludo Fried Chicken” truck will be rolling around Los Angeles.” The chicken that spawned so many eternal lines would make a natural star attraction for a LudoBites truck and no doubt bring back the days of Kogi-length food truck lines. So far, no confirmation back from the chef on whether he is indeed coming back with a poultry-based plan or has something else up his sleeve, but he does tease that whatever it is, his dream “is to take it to the Champs d’Elysees and be the first food truck in France.” We’re guessing this “chef of the future” no longer fears the judgment of his famous French mentor. Update: Krissy Lefebvre confirms that “yes, the truck that he is launching this summer will be a fried chicken truck,” telling Grub Street that the menu is still being finalized, “but the main item will be fried chicken.”

Prototype food truck rolls into Restaurant Show [Chicago Tribune/The Stew]