Check Out How Another Monkey Made Over Conduit


We weren’t really clear on how Thai restaurant Another Monkey was going to “warm up” Stanley Saitowitz’s award-winning interior, primarily comprised of conduit pipe, at the former Conduit space. But it does feel warmer, if a little muddled, with the addition of various Thai statuary and such. They’ve added a lounge area at the front, and closed off the formerly open kitchen at the back (which always let a bit too much fluorescent light into the dining room) and made the back wall into a vitrine full of little Buddhas.

See our slideshow of interior touches, which also includes a see-no-hear-no-speak-no monkey sculpture. Another Monkey opens for dinner tonight, May 27.

Another Monkey - 280 Valencia Street - 415-241-0288

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Check Out How Another Monkey Made Over Conduit