Catfight: Magnolia’s Carrie Cupcake vs. Crumbs’ Cosmo Cupcake

Photo: Courtesy of Crumbs Bake Shop

Two things happening in cupcake world today: First, we’re told that Beverly Hills–based Sprinkles will open in the former Gino space in January of next year. A press release says the shop will “incorporate Sprinkles’ modern design elements while maintaining an historic Manhattan feel.” It’s uncertain whether “maintaining an historic Manhattan feel” means they’re keeping the wallpaper. And second: It looks like Crumbs is hot on the high heels of Magnolia’s Carrie Cupcake — the store tells us it has introduced a $22.75 “Girl’s Night Out Pack” of cupcakes inspired by Sex and the City 2.

Yes, there’s a cosmo-flavored cupcake (“vanilla cake tinted pink filled with strawberry buttercream frosting and topped with lime cream cheese frosting edged in pink sugar”), as well as an “Oh La La” flavor. We’d ask what that is, but we’re too busy hitting ourselves over the head with a bottle of Bret Michaels Diet Snapple.