Cast Your Vote in the Great Food52/Cook’s Illustrated Recipe Showdown


The great Food52/Cook’s Illustrated showdown, in which Amanda Hesser’s crowd-sourced recipes battle against Christopher Kimball’s meticulously test-kitchened versions, kicks off today on Slate. Voting is open to the public — compare and contrast each contestant’s take on pork shoulder (Food52 went with porchetta, Cook’s with a peach-sauced roast) and sugar cookies (Food52 went classic, Cook’s did a chai-spiced version). For a competition built around a claim of experimental rigor, we’re a little surprised to see that Cook’s recipes rely on punchy ingredients rather than pure technique — but then again, the public’s affection seems to be with the Food52 crew, so maybe Cook’s is trying to distract us with shiny flavors? Voting is open until May 17, so get cracking.

Rumble in the Oven: Slate pits Cook’s Illustrated against food52 [Slate]