Black Bear Tacos Grace Union Rescue Mission

Photo: Harry Brignull via Flickr

Give an Angeleno any random foodstuffs and they’ll probably stick it in a taco. That was one of many messages we derived from a dinner last night at Downtown’s Union Rescue Mission made from game meats donated by hunters as part of Sportsman Channel’s “Hunt. Fish. Feed.” initiative. L.A. Times reports the arrival of about 250 pounds of “elk, deer, sheep, wild pig, black bear and antelope” meat to the shelter, as well as tilapia, yellowtail, and tuna. Despite the non-traditional meat, most residents were reportedly unfazed by the exotic fare, with one resident summing up the taste of black bear taco with the anti-climactic observation, “It tastes … just like tacos.” In any case, we see the makings of a huge new hipster food trend in this shelter meal and promise to let you know when the Grizzly Adams taco truck rolls around.

An unusually meaty menu at skid row shelter [L.A. Times]