Beachside Bagel Brawl: Rock-N-Roll Bagels Opens Within Stone’s Throw of Bay Gull

Photo: Daniel Maurer

You’d think one bagel store would be sufficient for an island with a population of just over 2,500, but the Bay Gull store (one of just a handful of businesses in Broad Channel) got some competition this past weekend: Rock-N-Roll Bagels (no relation to the Astoria establishment of the same name) has had the audacity to open up just a couple of blocks away. And like the Bay Gull store, they do cheese bagels! And flagels, too.

Compared to the tiny Bay Gull shop, this store is a sort of bagel behemoth, complete with deli counter and fro-yo stand — something akin to the fancy new La Bagel Delight superstore in Park Slope. As if all that weren’t enough to throw the Bay Gull off course, they enlisted Elmo for their grand opening. Safe to say the Bay Gull store is not tickled about this.

Rock-N-Roll Bagels, 20-10 Crossbay Blvd., Broad Channel, Queens; 718-945-2233