Barney Frank Demands Fishing Change; Regulators Ignore E. coli Strains

• Barney Frank says he will go to the White House to demand fishing regulation changes unless action is taken this week. [Herald]

• Government regulators largely ignore six rarer strains of E. coli, but those strains are now emerging as a serious threat to food safety. [NYT]

• In-N-Out will open its first non-Western location outside of Dallas, Texas. [Side Dish/D via Huffington Post]

• Young food entrepreneurs like Brooklyn Soda Works are using micro-funding sites like Kickstarter to get their start-up capital. [Chow]

• Kraft’s new ad campaign is focused on getting adults to eat more of the blue box macaroni and cheese. [NYT]

• Cold Stone’s peanut butter and chocolate milkshake contains 2,010 calories. [NYP]

• Some college kids have taken to pouring shots of vodka into their eyes for a faster buzz. [NYDN]