Andrew Carmellini, Career Counselor

Photo: VBS.TV

Take the time to watch the excellent new episode of VBS.TV’s “Munchies” series featuring Andrew Carmellini. The Locanda Verde chef and two colleagues take the cameras out for a night of restaurant hopping, including stops at Torrisi’s Italian Specialties and Char No. 4. Char’s Matt Greco worked for Carmellini at Café Boulud, and the chef is not above talking some trash to his former sous. “It seems at Café Boulud that you didn’t give a shit about foie gras terrine. And you didn’t give a fuck about sauce a poivre,” Carmellini says. “You just wanted to cook some meat with some wood.” Watch the video to see how that worked out.

Munchies: Andrew Carmellini [VBS.TV]