A Look at Red O and Rick Bayless’ Full Menu, Open Today


Rick Teasta and Mike Dobson’s Red O opens today on Melrose with a menu by Midwest Mexican cuisine chef Rick Bayless. Dishes will be prepared under executive chef Michael Brown, who previously worked for both Patina and Puck’s corporate catering and rocks Dia de Los Muertos tats, Squid Ink says, which must have impressed The Ricker during Brown’s Chicago “audition.” The menu, which we have below, is huge, though only about half the size of as the tequila selection stored in a stunning glass tunnel that leads to a sipping room.

While additions will be made regularly–all the better to keep Bayless actually involved–there are the kinds of jicama-heavy takes on Mex that we expect from the chef, who likes to stress its most sense-awakening ingredients and trumpet everything he’s learned on various travels South, jacking, then jacking up, all the good native recipes. There is also a little pandering to our home state, with Sonoma-sourced shout-outs among the menu’s constant ranch and farm references.

From ceviche to queso fundido to soft tacos to enchiladas and seven “celebrated” classics, the options overflow with carefully chosen seafood and produce, plus artsian chorizo and albondigas. We can’t wait to see what L.A. thinks and if it will pass with Casita Mexicana vets. In the meantime, check out our slide show of the gorgeous Dodd Mitchell/G+ Gulla Jonsdottir-designed restaurant and check out Bayless’s full menu below.

Red O 8155 Melrose Ave. Hollywood 323-655-5009

Red O Menu

Bright Bites
»Classic Guacamole - freshly made, chunky, with warm chips & salsa« $9
»Grilled Mazatlan Blue Shrimp roasted garlic mojo, avocado with jicama chips« $10
»Charcoaled Creekstone Skirt Steak crispy onions, red guajillo chile salsa on tostada« $11
»Smoked Wild-Caught Salmon goat cheese, tomatillo-avocado salsa, arugula,
grilled baguette« $11

all ceviches are made with fresh-squeezed lime juice
»Pacific Sole sun-dried tomato, Manzanilla olives, serrano chile, jícama« $12.50
»Mazatlan Blue Shrimp mango, red onion, chipotle chile« $13.50
»Alaskan Halibut cilantro-serrano chimichurri, cucumber, avocado« $12.50
»Woodland Mushrooms grilled knob onion, sun-dried tomato, serrano chile« $10

Savory Snacks

golden corn masa bites, delicious toppings
»Shredded Creekstone Beef Short Rib roasted tomato-green chile sauce« $9
»Sweet Plantains thick cream & fresh cheese« $7
»Gleason Ranch Pork Belly black beans, salsa negra, sesame« $8
crispy rolled tacos, an array of fillings
»Smoked Mary’s Chicken avocado-tomatillo salsa, watercress« $8
»Slow-Cooked Sonoma Duck tomato-arbol chile sauce, arugula« $8.50
»Mazatlan Blue Shrimp roasted tomato broth, pickled vegetables« $9
fresh-ground corn masa, steamed in corn husks or banana leaves, unique flavors
»Fresh Corn & Goat Cheese roasted poblano pepper, corn husk« $8
»Beef Short Rib chipotle chiles, corn husk« $8
»Chicken yellow mole, banana leaf« $8

Quesos Fundidos
melted Vella Sonoma Jack, contemporary flavors
»Bacon tomato, serrano chile, cilantro, tequila« $7.50
»Woodland Mushrooms grilled red onions, dark beer« $8.50
»Homemade Chorizo Sausage roasted poblano chiles« $8.50

Salads & Soups

»The Red O Salad romaine, Kenter Canyon arugula & water cress,
$7.50 roasted garlic-lime dressing, crispy tortilla angel hair,
pickled red onions«
»Steak & Heirloom Tomato Salad watermelon, red guajillo chile dressing, wood-grilled
$13.50 scallions, grilled Creekstone skirt steak«
»Warm Spinach Salad bacon, chorizo, woodland mushrooms, & caramelized
$12 red onions«
»Classic Tortilla Soup grilled Mary’s chicken, crispy tortillas, Sonoma Jack cheese,
$8.50 avocado, thick cream, toasted pasilla negro chile«
» Fresh Corn Chowder roasted poblano chile, Dungeness crab«
Cazuelas for Soft Tacos
»Mazatlan Blue Shrimp roasted tomatoes, capers, olives, Gulf-style white rice,
$14 arugula«
»Grilled Chicken in Crema Poblana roasted poblano peppers, spinach, caramelized onions,
$13.50 thick crema, yuca«
»Albondigas al Chipolte beef & pork meatballs, smoky chipotle roasted tomatoes,
$12.50 caramelized onions, Yukon gold potatoes«
»Roasted Garlic Mushrooms shiitake, oyster, cremini & chanterelle, caramelized onions,
$12 garlic mojo, spinach, black beans«
»Sonoma County Lamb ancho & guajillo chiles, roasted garlic, cumin,
in Chile Colorado $14 black beans«

Enchiladas & Tacos al Carbon

Enchiladas Suizas
creamy roasted tomatillo sauce, freshly-made corn tortillas, melted
Sonoma Jack, black beans, ensaladita
»Grilled Mary’s Chicken« $17
»Crab & Shrimp« $18
»McGrath Farm Roasted Vegetables« $15

Tacos al Carbon
wood-grilled & served with homemade corn tortillas & roasted poblano rajas for
making soft tacos. Bacon-flavored charro beans, grilled knob onions, salsas
»Creekstone Natural Skirt Steak« $16.50
»Mary’s Chicken Breast« $16.50
»Catfish« $15.50
»Shrimp« $17
»La Española Cured Chorizo« $15.50

Mexico’s Celebrated Seven

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo
wood-grilled Mazatlan Blue shrimp with slow-roasted garlic, wood grilled knob onions,
Veracruz-style white rice with sweet plantains

velvety seafood broth with chipotle & epazote, shrimp, Viking Village scallops,
Carlsbad mussels, catfish, roasted potatoes, chayote

Pollo en Mole Poblano
grilled Mary’s young chicken, homemade mole poblano, black beans, watercress salad

Pescado Zarandeado
wood-grilled Silver Creek striped bass basted with achiote & red chile, three salsas,
Veracruz-style white rice with sweet plantains, arugula salad

Carne Asada Brava
green chile-marinated Creekstone Natural ribeye, cooked over the coals, roasty salsa huevona,
sweet corn tamales, grilled knob onions

Cochinita Pibil
tortilla-fed, Gleason Ranch suckling pig, achiote-marinated & slow-roasted in banana leaves,
black beans, pickled red onions, roasted habanero salsa

Tinga Poblana
braised Gleason Ranch pork shoulder & belly, homemade chorizo, roasted tomatoes,
smoked chipotle, roasted potatoes, avocado, queso fresco
Me xican Cui sine by Rick Bayles s E xecutive Chef Michael Brown

A Look at Red O and Rick Bayless’ Full Menu, Open Today