Will Gourmet Make a Comeback?


A Womens Wear Daily item indicates that Carol Smith has jumped from Elle to Cond Nast, where shell be the president and publishing director of Bon Apptit and the Gourmet brand. Wait a minute, the Gourmet brand? Is there still a Gourmet brand? Indeed, it seems Smith may revive it.

Regarding her plans for Bon Appetit and Gourmet, Smith said she hopes to breathe life back into Gourmet which was shuttered last October to much outcry perhaps creating a custom magazine, whereby an advertiser such as Kraft or Target would produce a newsstand Gourmet magazine and own every ad. Other ideas include working with retailers on Gourmet-branded items, as well as television projects and events for both titles. Then, Smith indicated, there is the potential of the Web Bon Appetit and Gourmet form Epicurious.com, which is part of Cond Nast Digital.

So there you have it: Gourmet brought to you by Target.

Cond Nast Lures Carol Smith [WWD via The Cut]