Where to Eat Frog Ovaries, Jellyfish, and Crocodile

Froggie-style hot pot
Froggie-style hot pot Photo: Six Taste

Six Taste, a group offering umami-laden walking-and-eating tours, is introducing its “Bizarre Foods Challenge” on April 17th. The plan is to visit different San Gabriel Valley chefs, sampling fare that’s quite unusual for the typical North American palate, but right at home at some of these Chinese restaurants. Limited to only nine guests, and a tenth who wins a Thursday contest on Facebook, the group tells us that Happy Restaurant and Nature Pagoda will be among the places serving such promised delicacies as crocodile, frog ovaries, jelly fish, chicken feet, and stinky tofu. The challenge? To eat everything on your plate, frog-phobia be damned.

Nine tickets will go on-sale tomorrow at noon on Six Taste’s website.