What to Eat at Posto, Now Serving Up Neapolitan Pies in Davis


Pizzeria Posto is now fully up and running at 187 Elm Street in Somerville, and we’ve got the menu for you to swoon over. The focus here is on Italian slow food: classic Neapolitan pies, simple pastas like bucatini amatriciana, and tagliatelle with favas, peas, and rabbit, and hearty entrees like chicken and sausage cacciatore. The food is accompanied by a lovely, if pricey, selection of Italian-influenced cocktails like the Mistaken Negroni (Campari, sweet vermouth, prosecco, and orange).

Warm olives, lemon, chili & herbs 5
Roast & marinated vegetable “conservato” 9
Crispy pig ears, lime, sea salt 7
Calamari, tuscan pepper vinaigrette 11
Crisp heritage pork “arancini”, pomodoro, mint 9
Nonna’s meatballs “al forno” 9
Burrata, basil, pine nuts, olive oil 12
Crudo misto, tuna, fluke, citrus & chili vinaigrette 16
Wood grilled eggplant, white anchovy & herbs 8
Trippa Romana, parmesan, black pepper 11
Tuna & chickpea salad, lemon, parsley 9
Warm rosemary & sea salt bread 2.5

Caesar, lemon & anchovy dressing, parmesan 9
Arugula, endive, gorgonzola picante
honey & thyme vinaigrette 9
Favas , peas, & string beans, feta, black olive
chardonnay & herb vinaigrette 12

Margherita DOC
San Marzano, basil, fior di latte 12
Cherry tomatoes, olive oil, fior di latte, oregano 13
Roast Pork
Ricotta, red onion, rapini, soft farm egg 16
Parmesan crema, fior di latte, oregano 17
Prosciutto Cotto
Gorgonzola picante, arugula, port sciroppo 18
Tuscan peppers, fior di latte, oregano 15
White Anchovy
Sliced garlic, cured tomato, arugula, hot chilies 18
Cured olives, red onion, capers, feta, lemon 17
Eggplant, roast peppers, tomato, zucchini, squash, basil 14
add to any pizza
Soft farm egg 3
White anchovy 3
Prosciutto 5

Bucatini “amatriciana”, guanciale, pecorino 12
Agnolotti dal plin, veal, chard, savory herbs 14
Tagliatelle, braised rabbit, favas, peas 15

Piatto del Giorno
Monday Lasagne al forno 14
Tuesday Chicken & sausage cacciatore 15
Wednesday Spaghetti & meatballs 11
Thursday Eggplant parmigiana 13
Friday Whole fish “al forno” M.P.
Saturday Braised lamb 21
Sunday Whole roast Giannone chicken 26**
**Serves 2

Affogato, gelato, almond biscotti 5
Cannoli 5
Zeppole, fresh honeycomb 5

The Americano
Campari, martini rossi sweet vermouth, orange slice 8
The Aviation
Bombay sapphire gin, luxardo liqueur, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, luxardo maraschino cherry 14
The Caribiniere
Galliano liquore, grey goose vodka 11
Bombay sapphire gin, martini rossi dry vermouth, martini rossi sweet vermouth, splash of orange juice 6
Gin Gin Mule
Fresh lime juice, simple syrup, homemade ginger beer
bombay sapphire gin, mint 10
St. Germain Cocktail
Prima perla prosecco, St-Germain elderflower liqueur, club soda 13
Mistaken Negroni
Campari, sweet vermouth, prima perla prosecco, orange slice 9
Aperol Spritz
Prosecco, aperol orange liqueur, dash soda 11

Pizzeria Posto [Official Site]

What to Eat at Posto, Now Serving Up Neapolitan Pies in Davis