Mixologist Brandon Wise Leaves on the Oregon Trail

Won't find him behind this bar anymore.
Won’t find him behind this bar anymore. Photo: courtesy of Perennial

Perennial just released its new spring cocktail menu and it’s unfortunately the last one with mixologist Brandon Wise. He announced on his blog, the perfectly named Wise Viveur, that he’s leaving for Portland, Oregan. Luckily he had enough humor to drop a few Oregon Trail video game jokes along the way.

One of the returning cocktails on the menu is the Oregon Woods, which might have inspired the whole move: “The inspiration for this one came after my last trip to Portland, which ultimately has lead me to pick up and move there.”

We got in touch with Wise, and he confirmed the departure. “I am indeed moving to Portland and will certainly miss this incredible city.” Hopefully his departure doesn’t take him too long. We wish him well on all those tough river crossings, and pray that none of his wagon mates perish from dysentery.

Perennial’s Drink Menu [PDF]