Water Taxi Beach SSS Is Now a ‘Beer Garden’ Too

Photo: Melissa Hom

We’re told that Water Taxi Beach South Street Seaport, with its new chef Mark Davidoff, will re-brand itself as Water Taxi Beach and Beer Garden when it opens on May 5. What does “beer garden” mean? Well, “more and better” beers on tap, for one thing, though we’re told the lineup and the new menu won’t be revealed till the Cinco de Mayo opening, when there’ll be quesadillas, “beach nachos,” burritos, a piñata, and an appearance by the Dos Equis models. (Nothing against the Dos Equis girls, but we hope that’s not what they mean by “better” beers.) Throughout the season, there’ll be 40 tables set up “beer garden style.” Now let’s wait for the menu and beer list to see whether the Standard Beer Garden will get some sandy competition.