Vox Pop Hopes to Bounce Back With Outdoor Patio


Vox Pop manager Debi Ryan has penned a letter to Brownstowner explaining why her coffee shop was seized. She says that although she and a Department of Taxation and Finance supervisor were working out a payment plan for the $66,000 in 2006 and 2007 taxes that Vox Pop owed, the supervisor left the agency and a “midlevel representative” decided to seize Vox Pop’s assets. It’ll all be worked out, Ryan assures, and when it does, “we are optimistic that the warming weather will increse [sic] our revenue and allow us to accelerate our payments even further. Ironically, we were poised to launch our new outdoor patio cafe with table service and anticipate being able to do so as soon as we are reopened.”

As Vox Pop Turns [Brownstoner]