Voluntary Salt Reduction Spreads; NYC Wine Debuts in May

Sixteen food companies, including Heinz, Starbucks, and Subway, have voluntarily agreed to cut salt in their products nationwide as part of Mayor Bloomberg's push to trim Americans' salt consumption. [WSJ]

The Queens County Farm Museum will unveil its own wine, the first made with city-grown grapes, next month. [NYDN]

The Empire Diner lost its lease and will close in May. [NYDN]

After a shortage, Angostura bitters are back on the shelves of Fairway. [Off the Presses]

Early research findings suggest that the Double Down may weaken KFC's brand perception among consumers. [NRN]

Just one week after quickly closing and reopening, M2 UltraLounge was shut down by police early Saturday morning owing to security concerns. [NYP]

Ruin your dinner with the bread baskets at Del Posto and Applewood. [NYP]

Canada will get its own version of Top Chef next spring. [Calgary Herald via Eater National]

The city will soon launch a $4.5 million effort to bring drinkable water to Governors Island. [NYP]

TruTV is filming a reality pilot about Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. [Crain's]

French colleges may soon add wine-education classes. [Time]

Murray Hill's Burger At Its Best filed for bankruptcy last week. [Crain's]