Vinnie Jones Kicks Off a Fist-Fight at Chateau Marmont; Lohan Hurls Glass at Ronson to Get Booted from Trousdale

Vinnie Jones, bloodthirtsy but hopefully not into nibbling ears
Vinnie Jones, bloodthirtsy but hopefully not into nibbling ears Photo: Byron and Tamara via Flickr

A lot of stars are vegetarians, but this week it appeared that only prime Hollywood beef was being served to celebrity diners. Soccer-toughie-cum-actor Vinnie Jones apparently attacked one of his co-stars at Chateau Marmont, causing “a ruck” but emerging with a busted face and the defense that it was just friendly bloodshed between blokes after “a drink and a curry.” Never to be outdone in the drama, Lindsay Lohan chucked a glass at Samantha Ronson and was booted from Trousdale, then Tito Ortiz made amends to Jenna Jameson at Fabio Viviani’s restaurant following domestic violence charges and Avatar’s Alonzo Laz called for a boycott on LAX’s “On The Border” restaurant for the supposedly “racist” decision to refuse him service while he was on an expired license (and who knows what else?). Could this be Larry King’s bad influence at work or just proof that digging through enough celebrity dining disasters does eventually yield gourmet gossip? Take a look below at where else stars have been dining in L.A., then you decide.

Beso: Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, and Teri Hatcher attended a party for Longoria’s new fragrance, Eva. [Celebrity Gossip]

Boa: Paris Hilton-ex Doug Reinhardt showed off his new girlfriend, Whitney. [Celebrity Gossip]

Chateau Marmont: British actor Vinnie Jones attacked his Blood-Out co-star Tamer Hassan and took stitches to the face when the amateur boxer defended himself. [Monsters and Critics]

Firenze Osteria: Tito Ortiz held a press conference here to explain a domestic violence charge he was arrested on. [Daily Breeze]

Millions of Milkshakes: Lindsay Lohan mixed her own flavor for charity. [The Superficial]

On The Border: Avatar star Alonzo Laz accused the restaurant of racism for refusing to serve him while his license was expired. [Radar via Black Political Thought]

Osteria La Buca: Justin Timberlake had dinner with Jessica Biel and another pal. [L.A. Times]

STK: Kim Kardashian dressed like a stereotypical flasher for dinner. [Celeb Buzz]
Allison Iraheta had her 18th birthday dinner here with friends. [Digital Spy]

Trousdale: Lindsay Lohan threw a glass at Samantha Ronson’s head and was kicked out of the club. [ Page Six]

Woo Lae Oak: Paris Hilton went for dinner with old flame Jason Shawl. [Celebrity Gossip]