TV Didn’t Save Ed Brown, But May Boost Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse

Eighty One's lease is still up for grabs.
Eighty One’s lease is still up for grabs. Photo: Noah Sheldon

Two interesting stories coming out of Crain’s today: First, a piece about the struggles of Ed Brown (whose restaurant, Eighty One, closed last month) and Rohini Dey (whose baby, At Vermilion, seems to be on the rebound thanks to landlord concessions, business acumen, and an increase in private events) notes that Brown tried to save his place via more media appearances. Meanwhile, the owner of Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, William Degel, is trying to raise his profile, too: Crain’s reveals that “New York’s toughest steakhouse boss” has signed a contract with Turner Broadcasting System’s truTV to film a reality show about his restaurants. Says Degel, “I need to build my empire.”

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