The Northern Invasion Continues: Best-O-Burger Signs L.A. Lease

Photo: Best-O-Burger

Two trends we’re seeing on the rise in L.A–Norteño chefs coming to SoCal and restaurants with “burger” in their names–will come together with Best-O-Burger, whose owner Stephen Weber tells S.F. Chronicle that he’s signed a lease in L.A.. Apparently, BOB specializes, or specialized, in Creekstone Angus sliders and 1/3 pounders, with Grub Street San Fran reporting that the city’s locations have actually closed while a more ambitious space is under-way. Taking a look at the chain’s website, we notice a fairly similar color scheme between Best-O-Burger and that Juicy Burger we discovered in Hollywood last week which also has potential Bay Area roots. Might our sneaky Northern neighbors be throwing extra-hyphy red herring our way? If not, is L.A. big enough for two ‘Frisco burger chains? Possibly, and as long as they promise to keep those nasty burritos to themselves.

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